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leather care

The leather used in our bags is vegetable tanned, chrome-free, and plastic-free. The surface is natural and uncoated, which allows the leather to breathe. Small imperfections are inherent in leather and have intentionally been left without chemical coatings.

We do not recommend the use of any waxes or leather conditioners since these will prevent the leather from developping a natural patina. If the leather feels dry please contact us and we will recommend a leather care product or treat the bag for you. Never rub the leather with any abrasive materials like paper towels. Instead, use a soft damp cloth to clean your bag from dust or spillage. To get rid of water spots from the rain, use a soft moist cloth and wipe down all areas of your bag. 

Please be aware that some darker dyed garments (i.e. dark blue denim) can leave marks on lighter leather colors. Similarly, some darker leathers may transfer color to lighter clothes.